Success starts in Slack, your new digital business center

Accelerate your business with AI and automation. Find information and data instantly. And connect with anyone, anywhere. That's the power of Slack with the world's #1 CRM.

  • Discover your digital work center that flexibly connects people, partners, and applications - where efficiency is increased and collaboration is strengthened when integrated with Salesforce Customer 360.
  • Reduce costs, increase efficiency and deliver a seamless customer contact experience.
  • Increase efficiency with automated workflows.
  • Enable everyone to automate manual tasks with flexible workflows and more than 2,500 integrated apps.
  • Improve decision-making by improving team performance.
  • Make intelligent predictions and recommendations more effective in the context in which the work is done.
  • Make better decisions with real-time data.
  • Respond quickly to customer requests with the full integration of Salesforce Genie and your customers in your digital business center.

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