Process Consulting

It is not possible to develop your work performance only invest on technology. You must design your work process to get maximum benefit. At this point Regna is ready to redesign your work process with it’s knowhow and international experience.

Work process analysis and consultancy
Checking process efficiency
Value design for process automation
Solution design and implementation
End-user and manager education

Functional Consultancy

We are with you for SAP CRM systems that you use or plan for designing, architecture and implementation. We understand your work process, we make your requirement list and build SAP CRM applications in direction of what your need, we specify required developments of your system afterwards transfer them to our technical team and support your system until it works perfectly.

Regna’s most important principle is sustainability and consultans who know this principle not only find a solution for customer’s short term problems but also find a long term solution to make it consistent and healty.

Technical Consultancy

It is not possible to improve your business performance only by investing in technology. At the same time, you need to design your business processes in a way to get maximum benefit. At this point, as Regna, we are ready to provide you with consultancy on redesigning your business processes with the knowledge and experience we have gained from the projects we have previously taken part in and the international trainings and events we have attended.


In order to complete projects perfectly related platform should be set up in a healty way. Regna technical consultans produce required and adequate hardware solution and share these with customers. Technical consultants take the security measures before project and they installed SAP CRM solutions and complete authorization.

Software development and integration

We provide special ABAP,BSP .net and JAVA developments and integrations for our customers to meet their needs.

Mobile application development

We develop IOS and Android applications for our customer’s needs related to CRM solutions and optimize them to get maximum efficiency.